About Ryan J. Skalla

Just two months after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in October 2003, Ryan fired all his software development clients and rode off into the sunset to become a real estate investor. Within four months he landed his first deal which netted him over $34,000, more than he made the entire previous year, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Buying and flipping through the peak of the market, he’s now shifted his focus to acquiring cash flowing rental properties right in his own backyard due to the extremely lucrative buying opportunities available since the market collapse. His most immediate goal is to have more rent checks coming in every month than he can spend.

Ryan’s biggest business breakthrough came after discovering an extraordinary direct marketing secret that brought in over $750,000 in profits in one year. His expertise in this arena caught the attention of financial friends and competitors alike.

Ryan’s extreme laziness and unwillingness to leave his house have spawned some of the most profitable automated systems in the industry. These have allowed him to wholesale several houses every month, with fees as high as $55,000, without ever seeing them or writing a check.

He hails from Corona, California where he resides with his wife, Sandy, and Pekingese daughter, Sydney. Ryan loves to cook, drink wine, and explore Europe as often as possible. He’s also an amateur horseback rider and aspiring barista.

Ryan’s real estate heroes include Mike Cantu, Gary Johnston, Clyde Wilson,  and Peter Fortunato. He’ll speak publicly about his real estate investment successes and failures, including how he went from being bankrupt to financially free, but only when forced.

Ryan J. Skalla – World traveling tech geek with a flair for marketing & real estate. Former baby. Aspiring barista. Indoor enthusiast. Loyal husband & dog dad. CEO @ Prophettic real estate marketing software.