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Discover the Next Evolution in Your Business – Part 1

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Ryan Skalla is a marketing machine! In the last 10 years he went from leaving a job in software development and buying his first subject 2 property to creating a marketing funnel that has helped his house flipping business grow by 400% in the last 6 months. We cover so much in this interview that I had to break it in to two parts!

Today in part 1 of this interview we cover Ryan’s amazingly detailed approach to marketing and how he’s brought his analytical skills from software to enhance his real estate investing business. Learn how he approaches his marketing systems to focus his energy and time so he can bring about the greatest results to super-charge his house flipping machine!

Show Notes

In this episode we cover:

  • Ryan’s history and background from Software to Real Estate
  • How Ryan was able to use the power of vision to create an amazing breakthrough in his business
  • The power of analysis and how it transformed Ryan’s direct marketing efforts
  • The 5 important Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in Ryan’s house flipping business
    • Mail
    • Calls
    • Offers
    • Deals
    • Average Profit
  • Ryan’s implementation of the 80/20 rule
  • Why Ryan doesn’t care about a seller’s motivation
  • The problem most direct marketing materials suffer from and how you can change your approach
  • Where beginners can start with direct marketing
  • Why mailing to general absentee lists is a waste of time and money
  • The 3 legged bar stool of direct marketing and what each leg does for you.
    • Message
    • Media
    • Market

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Memorable Quotes

You can fail 90% of the time and still have more successes than failures.

Justin Williams

Fall down 8, stand up 9.

Ryan Skalla

My goal is to make my wholesalers make as much money as possible.

Justin Williams

A lot of my business is based on things that I don’t want to do.

Ryan Skalla

Discover the next evolution in your business.

Ryan Skalla

How much mail did you send, how many calls did that mail generate, out of those calls how many were worth making offers on, and out of those offers how many deals did you get? Multiply the deals by your average profit and there is your ROI.

Ryan Skalla

Real estate is the best opportunity that I’ve found to apply my skills and make the most money.

Ryan Skalla

Making offers is like playing the lottery for free.

Ryan Skalla

You will only attract to the extent that you’re willing to repel.

Ryan Skalla

People only trade equity for peace of mind.

Ryan Skalla


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By Ryan J. Skalla

World traveling tech geek with a flair for marketing & real estate. Former baby. Aspiring barista. Indoor enthusiast. Eater of meat. Loyal husband & dog dad. CEO @ Prophettic real estate marketing software.